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Airplane & Aviation Accident Attorneys

Callaway & Wolf has represented families who lost loved ones in a plane crash, but also in many other types of aviation related injuries. Other Callaway & Wolf airline injury cases have involved injury claims against airlines including: a passenger who was injured as a result of baggage falling from the overhead compartment, a passenger who was assaulted by an obviously intoxicated fellow passenger who was continually served cocktails by the flight crew, and a person who was injured in a fall on the jetway while boarding a flight. If you were injured while boarding a plane, or on the property of SFO or SJC airport contact the San Francisco aviation accident attorneys at Callaway & Wolf.

Airplane & Aviation Accidents

When an air accident or plane crash occurs that was avoidable, or was caused by negligence of the crew, manufacturer, parts supplier, or maintenance of the aircraft, an injured person will have a legal claim, including compensation for actual economic losses, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Surviving family members will have claims for the loss of the love, comfort and relationship, economic losses, and loss of household services. Depending on which law is applied to the claim, there may also be recovery for a deceased’s pain and suffering in the time leading up to a fatal accident.

Aviation Cases & Liability

Airplane and aviation cases are typically complex, and experienced lawyers should be contacted as soon after an accident as possible. Liability can be imposed based on state, federal or international law and treaties, such as the Warsaw Convention, which applies to international flights.

Contact our Airplane & Aviation Accident Attorneys for a Free Consult.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in the course of air travel, please contact one of the San Francisco airplane accident lawyers at Callaway & Wolf for a free consultation.

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