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Callaway & Wolf Reviews and Testimonials

Eric R.

I had a personal injury case that occurred when I was knocked off my motorcycle on the freeway. Based on a recommendation from a friend of mine, I got referred to Boone Callaway at Callaway & Wolf. Boone was very friendly and accommodating and met with me at his office in downtown San Francisco and we proceeded to seek restitution for my injuries. I only manage to escape the incident with my life, however my injuries kept me in discomfort for many months, part of which time I was not able to work. Boone and his associates went to bat for me in the meantime and dealt with the insurance companies. I was in fear of not receiving much compensation for my suffering because a coworker of mine had had a traffic accident where he had been rear-ended in his car, did not seek legal assistance, and instead went after the insurance company of the at-fault party himself. He wound up with less than the money needed to even buy a used car to replace the one he previously had that was totalled in the accident. On top of that, I was in the position of having never had to seek legal assistance (I had only been in one very minor, non-injury-related, accident in close to 25 years of driving both cars and motorcycles)… I thought my co-worker’s experience might be the norm. Boone and his firm pushed for, and achieved the most appropriate compensation for this whole incident. At one point, a friend, to whom I had mentioned what I was going through, asked me: ‘what would someone have to pay you to have this happen to you again? That is the compensation you need to seek out to at least attempt to make yourself whole again.’ Think about that if you ever get into a personal injury situation and then seek competent legal assistance from lawyers like Boone Calloway and his firm.

Gerhard Z.

This is actually my second review (first was also 5 stars) of Callaway & Wolf, because my medical condition deteriorated after the initial surgery and partial settlement. It was the excellent advice from Boone and Vadim that allowed me to benefit greatly from a second settlement. Through the grueling 4+ year process of surgeries, rehabilitations and complex legal processes, I always felt Boone and Vadim had my best interests as their priority, and that they truly cared. Heaven forbid I ever find myself in the same position, but if I did, I would absolutely rely on Callaway & Wolf again; and I would also recommend them to my friends and family.

James R.

I am tremendously grateful to Boone, Vlad and Tyler for getting me the settlement I deserve for my personal injury case from a motorcycle accident. Def highly recommend. They walked me through the process with careful thought and consideration specific to my circumstances. Most of all, I had peace of mind knowing that my case was being handled with the professionalism and attention to detail it required. Thanks Callaway & Wolf.

Skylar H.

I was only 19 when I got hit by a car and badly hurt. Needless to say, I was in need of help to guide me through the situation. Different people recommended me to different lawyers, and I am glad I decided to hire Boone Callaway.

He made my experience extremely easy by doing any involved paperwork and by retrieving medical files for me. all I had to do was provide a couple signatures. I also felt like he understood me and my situation very well, and kept me informed on where the case stood.

He always gave quick responses to emails and phone calls, and while talking on the phone he took the time to explain complicated legal jargon. He also went out of his way to discount my medical bills.

My experience with Boone Callaway was very pleasant. He is a strong lawyer and is charismatic. I recommend his office.

Charles S.

After getting in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a broken leg requiring surgery, I contacted Boone Callaway. He proved to be an excellent attorney who is smart, experienced, and who works hard. Boone put together a strong case that brought about a favorable settlement.

The accident took place at the entrance of a public parking lot. After taking the ticket from the automated dispenser, the dispenser’s traffic control bar came down prematurely as I attempted to ride into the lot. It knocked me down, my motorcycle falling on top of me. I had broken my leg just above my ankle joint. Surgery was necessary the next day, requiring a mending plate to be bolted to the broken bone. For six months I was unable to make a living. Recuperation and physical therapy followed before I could walk without crutches. More months of healing and exercise were necessary until I was walking normally and able to run.

In the eyes of the law my case was not cut and dry, though from my perspective the company managing the parking lot was in the wrong and 100% responsible. I had a good case, but Boone bolstered it considerably after discovering that there were many other motorcyclists besides myself who also got into some kind of accident at the parking lot entrance. In addition to his noteworthy investigative skills, Boone is tenacious. He found evidence that the parking lot management company avoided spending the money to beef up their parking system with electronic sensing devices and clear signage. Apparently, motorcycles are problematic for automated parking systems. It is an issue that must be addressed if a parking lot is to be safe for motorcyclists.

The case went to mediation. Boone is professional, but determined, and he fought hard for the best settlement he could get for me. These qualities were especially important in my injury case. Boone eventually received the call from the mediator informing him that the parking lot management company was willing to settle on our terms.

But there was more. After we received the settlement, a very large medical bill had to be paid. Boone negotiated considerably better terms with the health care provider and consequently my medical expenses were far lower.

I am altogether satisfied with the representation I received from Boone. An injury case such as mine gets complicated very quickly. Boone zeroed in on what it took to win a settlement that was fair. He performed admirably and I left the table knowing that I received the compensation I deserved.


Boone was the right guy for me! I loved being treated with so much respect while in his office. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real trial lawyer, not the ones that advertise on the backs of buses.

Thanks Boone!

Justin Z.

Throughout the duration of my personal injury case I felt as if Boone Callaway & his colleagues were extremely helpful, always very informative, and most importantly, communicative .I felt very confident letting him represent me. Boone understood me and was a great advocate for me. I was very comfortable letting him speak for me and tell my story. Overall, I feel he had my best interest and was very pleased. From my experience I can tell you Boone is very passionate about his work & helping his clients. If you want someone who exhibits professionalism, great attention to detail, and is very respectful I highly recommend Boone Callaway.

Daryl N.

Mr. Boone Callaway is a very personable attorney and was more than I can every expect from an attorney. He called often to see what my condition was and most important making sure I got the best compensation for my accident. He is will worth the fee he charges and more!

Sarah W., Redwood City, CA

Boone Callaway was fantastic to work with in dealing with the aftermath of a bad car accident. Whereas other injury lawyers seemed to want to scare me about all the things that could go wrong, Boone was calm and factual about the process and took the fear out of everything. At every stage, he laid out the options with their pros and cons, without pushing any particular agenda. I especially appreciated that his attitude was not to chase the most money or be nasty to anyone but rather to find the best resolution for me. He was deeply knowledgeable about every aspect and always took the time to talk through my many questions. He was also very helpful in recommending other professionals for related questions, such as car valuation. Absolutely the person you want on your side!

Cathleen Guerrini, Insurance Agent/Property Manager

“There are three things you want from a lawyer: honesty, fierce advocacy, and someone who can deliver the facts to all parties concerned. When these things, along with good research and a lot of perseverance, all work together, you will win your case. I found Boone Callaway to possess all three attributes. Though I am not an attorney myself, I have had the occasion to work with many attorneys during my 25-year career in the insurance industry.

It is with great care, then, that I chose an attorney for my own personal, family issues. As a result of a very positive outcome on a case using the services of Callaway & Wolf, I would highly recommend Boone Callaway and his firm, should you need legal counsel in the area of the law in which they serve.”

Jim C., Concord, CA

“I was hit by a motorcycle in downtown S.F., and I had a head injury that set me back for quite a while. I found Boone Callaway through a referral from a friend, and both he and Carl took a genuine human interest in helping me. While the driver didn’t survive the crash, and we were not able to confirm that he had any insurance or assets to cover my damages, Boone offered other options that I would not have realized. In the end, Boone made the experience easy for me, checked in regularly, even though it was a drawn-out process, and eventually achieved a resolution that was more than I expected. I would absolutely recommend Boone and Carl for any personal injury work where you need a team who is compassionate, realistic, hard working, and not afraid to push back against the big insurance attorneys!”

Johnny C., San Francisco

“Well, I’ve gotta say, these guys are the greatest! Let me explain….

I got into a horrific, life-threatening motorcycle accident in late September 2006. I was fortunate in that the guy who hit me — as I came to find out a bit later — had a $100,000 auto policy, as well as four or five pieces of real estate in San Francisco and Las Vegas. So there was a reasonable chance of getting substantial compensation for my injuries (and I’m still disabled).

CARL WOLF is FANTASTIC! He is GENUINE, WARM, PROFESSIONAL, CARING, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, KIND, EFFICIENT, KNOWING, EXPERIENCED, SEASONED, FORTHRIGHT and TRUSTWORTHY. I actually graduated from law school, and practiced law in Pennsylvania for a while before moving to San Francisco, and even I had a healthy skepticism about personal injury lawyers: CARL kicked my preconceived notions out of the stadium — he is everything above and more! Carl’s partner, Boone Callaway, is a great person, very professional. They cover for each other when needed. Carl and Boone are supported by their assistant, Tyler, who also is very accommodating.”

JoVanna Luque & Family

“My family and I have known Carl Wolf for more than 25 years. We have also had interaction with his partner, Boone Callaway. They are an exceptional team. Their professionalism and integrity and understanding of what a client is experiencing emotionally is what I look for when seeking an attorney.

When our son Jay was killed in an airline crash in January 2000, we turned to Carl. Carl prepared us for what was to come, and represented our family so professionally during the many years of litigation against the airline. Carl was always by our side during this long, difficult, and complicated process. His steady hand and patient guidance served us all very well. I know he had many other clients, but I felt, as did my family, that we were his only clients, since he was always available to us. Of course, no monetary settlement could ever replace our son, but with Carl’s persistence and dedication to our case, the lawsuit was successfully settled, providing my family some peace of mind, enabling us to go on.”

Jim Schadweiler, San Francisco

“Boone was great. He kept me informed during the entire proceedings of my case. When I had to go to a medical evaluation, he knew the doctor’s reputation, and had a court reporter present to ensure everything was documented properly. He prepared me for the arbitration after the insurance company refused to pay a fair settlement. At the arbitration hearing, he was professional and represented all of my interests. He was able to secure an award that was the full policy limits.”

These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Rosa M., Berkeley, CA

Boone Callaway and Vadim are relatable, warm, diligent and honest.
They negotiated and settled my injury case. Im grateful for their representation!

M Jake M., San Francisco, CA

Callaway and Wolf is an incredible Law Firm which represented me during the long drawn out process of a slip and fall accident I had with a major Bay Area Transportation Agency (BART). After filing an accident report, calling the agency and writing a letter, all which went unanswered I sought the advice of several law firms. Boone Callaway was the one who was reassuring and listened.

We met at my home with my family. He was gracious and honest about this type of injury accident and knew that subsequent surgery would be followed by rehabilitation. After some investigation and follow up, Boone was on the case.

It was a very hard fought case over the years, meeting with the “oppositional” lawyer for mediation and resolve. Boone Callaway and associates (Tyler was awesome) put in much time and work on my case diligently keeping me informed along the way. Though we met with the transportation agency lawyers several times my case ultimately went to a jury trial.

I was amazed at the depth of research and presentation of the trial work by Boone and Vadim (my main lawyers). What I witnessed during the weeks of the trial was someone who was on my side against a big transportation agency. Kind of like David and Goliath. Apparently very few of these cases go all the way through trial, so I am in a rare position to comment from that perspective. From surgery to recovery through rehab I had a loss of work wages, and though insured, much out of pocket expenses associated with medical costs and after care costs not covered by surgery.

The trial jury was long lasting, over two weeks which included deliberation. Boone and Vadim presented compelling information and testimony which ultimately won my case.

Boone took the time to know me and know how this affected my life. I have a demanding job that requires motion and that ability is now limited. I also am an ardent outdoors person. This kind of mindful activity is incredibly important to me and is paramount as a way to stay balanced and do the work I do daily with Veterans. Unfortunately the fall changed how I approach activities that I was certain I would continue to do well into the future.

Throughout the entire process Boone and Vadim were responsive and caring. Hopefully I will never have to…but I would choose them again if needed.

Joshua J., Oakland, CA

Boone was incredibly responsive and while our case wasn’t a fit he was a great resource to help us our journey.

Sean R., San Francisco, CA

I recently saw an end to a year and a half long case in which I was struck by a car while riding my bicycle to work. I had never been to a Personal Injury Attorney before, and my friend Gill recommended Boone Callaway at Callaway & Wolf. I AM SO GLAD HE DID. Being understandably nervous, I called Boone and met with him within the first week of my accident. He immediately put me at ease. He explained exactly what the process was going to entail – I always felt informed and on top of the case. Boone is an exceptional lawyer who really is responsible for the good outcome of my case. It went to non-binding arbitration, and Boone did such an amazing job in his closing argument – which is the main reason I was able to walk away with a decent award settlement. if you are ever in need of a Personal Injury Attorney, I recommend Boone Callaway, wholeheartedly.

Richy Q., San Francisco, CA

Boone Callaway was incredibly instrumental in helping me maximize my personal injury claim when a SUV ran over my foot and ankle when I was on my scooter. Very knowledgeable, honest, gives sound advice as he prepares you throughout the step-by-step process of negotiating with an Insurance Adjuster.

Need to save time and want someone you can trust to fight on your behalf? Look no further as Mr. Callaway is just a phone call away.

Jay K., San Francisco, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Boone Callaway. He helped me out immensely when I needed it the most. A highly professional, honest, intelligent person who will do what it takes to win the compensation you deserve.

One of the best decisions of my life was hiring Boone to take on my case and he did not disappoint. Always pleasant and friendly, he made the most difficult point in my life tolerable, because I knew he was doing right by me.

You cannot go wrong if you hire Boone Callaway to be in your corner.

Marna P., Pinole, CA

This review is overdue. Nathaniel may be one of the last good personal injury lawyers in San Francisco. From the moment I contacted him, he was honest, reliable and worked diligently to resolve my bike accident case. Nathaniel kept me informed over the two year process it took to resolve my case with the insurance company and the guy who hit me, he always made time to inform me of updates and answered all my questions. He never gave up, even when the other party was playing foul. As a cyclist himself, Nathaniel is passionate about his work and it shows when he represents you. He represented me when three other lawyers told me my case was a losing battle, and we won. He is kind, yet will make the other party soil their pants in fear for messing with you, and get this – his rate is decent and fair for the work he does. He also inspired me to get on my bike again when it was all over. Nathaniel works with integrity and professionalism, which is why I think he is one of the last good lawyers in San Francisco.

Marlene F., Vallejo, CA

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this practice!! Boone Callaway is wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and kind – all the wonderful qualities you wouldn’t find in your average lawyer!! Carl Wolfe well he just fell from the sky!!!!!! He’s absolutely perfect in each and every way!!! Nathaniel the new and experienced guy he’s a breath of fresh air with an impressive background!!! The only thing that would make this practice perfect is them practicing every law in the book !!!!!! This firm has helped me and my family tremendously!!!!!!!!!

R B., Fresno, CA

Thank you Callaway & Wolf for working so persistently to obtain an agreeable settlement in my medical malpractice case. Attorneys Nathaniel Leeds and Boone Callaway were fantastic to work with, sensitive to my family’s grief, very professional and kept me updated on what to expect. They are very responsive and seem to legitimately care about their clients. Nathaniel worked tirelessly to resolve my case. I highly recommend Callaway & Wolf to anyone seeking representation in these types of matters. My family and I are truly grateful for their services.

Jeanette K., Tracy, CA

Carl gave some advice about my car accident. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. He even helped me write a letter to my insurance agent to get more fair settlement. He is by far the most helpful personal injury lawyer I have spoken to. I would definitely hire him if I pursue my claim.

ellen f., San Francisco, CA

I recently wrote a review. Although my case has been settled, there is still appending matter. In Saturday’s mail I received an important document and emailed Nathaniel. He responded within 15 minutes although it was the weekend. The continuing excellent and personal service deserves recognition.

Rachel M., San Leandro, CA

Boone Callaway is an amazing lawyer. He’s easy to talk to, honest, and professional. He was recommended by a trusted colleague, and I was extremely satisfied with the results. He negotiated my daughter’s case and reached a settlement better than we had expected. I highly recommend him.

Craig B., San Francisco, CA

I had a possible case (medical malpractice) that many attorneys were not even willing to look into. Boone Callaway was prompt in returning my call and was willing to look into the case. Here is an excerpt from a recent email that I sent to Boone: “Thank you for your work on this suit as well as your candid advice, your sensitivity and consideration. You helped me when not many law firms were willing to look at this suit, I sincerely appreciate all that you have done. I would not hesitate to recommend your services or to consider you should I ever need your services again. (Let’s hope not.) I would not hesitate to recommend them again. I would give them five stars, but their offices are not as good as it gets, they are a bit drab and need a good makeover.

Patricia C., Redwood City, CA

I called today to ask about my case to see if I could potentially have a case of malpractice. thank you so much for all the information provided in this call. It was very helpful.

Thomas M., San Francisco, CA

We asked Mr. Callaway to prepare all the necessary paperwork for our eventual demise. He was very helpful in guiding us to reach decisions and handled the mess that is our lives efficiently and at a reasonable and comparable cost to other attorneys we consulted. He also did a free initial consult which most lawyers seem no longer interested in providing. The price was stated up front as was the time line. We were completely satisfied.

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