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San Francisco Negligent Security & Bar Fight Injury Lawyers

The City of San Francisco offers many places to visit for having a good time with family and friends. In fact, the city has some of the most famous places to visit in the world. From iconic tourist attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge to the countless night clubs, bars, museums, restaurants or parks. Injuries occur when the people paid to protect and keep order fail to do so. When a resident or tourist goes out into the city, the last thing on their mind is getting hurt or injured by another person. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios are not uncommon in San Francisco, and many victims can experience injuries that have devastating and lasting effects. Many of these cases can happen because there has been a lack of trained and professional security, or overly aggressive security guards in a particular location.

If you were the victim of a bar fight and incurred an injury, or were injured due to a lack of security on private or public property Callaway & Wolf want to hear from you today. Call 415-541-0300 to discuss your matter with a local attorney who has the experience to answer your questions and get you the compensation you require & deserve.

Facing the Aftermath of a Serious and Dangerous Situation

If you or someone you know has been injured due to negligent security or an assault from a bouncer in the Bay Area, it’s vital to consider speaking to a qualified negligent security attorney in San Francisco. The attorneys at Callaway & Wolf have the experience necessary to understand negligent security and bar & restaurant fight cases may be able to offer the appropriate legal options to help defend the case.

Identifying Negligent Security

When an bar, nightclub or restaurant has a careless or negligent amount of security, this can be identified through a number of forms. This may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • A lack of sufficient personnel hired specifically for security purposes,
  • Security personnel that are insufficiently trained or are otherwise incompetent,
  • Insufficient security cameras,
  • Insufficient lighting,
  • A lack of security patrol services,
  • The establishment’s failure to protect the patrons against a foreseeable harm or injury,
  • An insufficient amount of alarm systems which may include fire alarms,
  • Aggressive security guards,
  • Insufficient amounts of exits, locks, and windows.

Aggressive Security & Bouncer Assault

Another common and related type of claim with respect to security is aggressive or forceful security. These situations arise when hired security acts outside of their responsibility and actually causes the injury. It is security’s job to prevent and intervene during fights, not to engage in or provoke them. Security guards should act to keep the peace, and not incite violence. They are typically refrained from carrying or using weapons, but sometimes they don’t adhere to policy in the belief that they need to protect themselves. When injuries result from bouncer assault, or aggressive security guards you may have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries.

The Failure to Protect the Patrons Against a Criminal Act

According to the State of California, property owners are considered negligent if they have been found to fail to take reasonable precautions to secure the premises against a foreseeable criminal act by a third party. If the establishment and/or surrounding community has a history of criminal acts, assaults or muggings, the property owner may have the obligation of providing the premises with extra security. In these cases, the potential of criminal activity should be regarded as being foreseeable. Similarly, night clubs and bars, especially in San Francisco, can quickly get out of hand. It is the job and responsibility of security to address and handle any issues professionally to maintain order and safety.

Here are some instances and locations where there can often be insufficient security or an inadequate amount of security guards:

  • Baseball & football games
  • Parking lots & garages
  • Restaurants
  • BART stations
  • Retail stores & parking areas

Injuries caused by negligent security can be physical or mental. For instance, a victim who has experienced a sexual assault can face suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. This means that the individual can face physiological difficulties that can affect him or her for the rest of their life. Some injuries require lifelong treatments resulting in excessive medial costs. Incidents that result in traumatic injuries can yield higher claim awards. This could include compensation for personal property damage, injuries to self, lost wages, medical costs and more. A San Francisco negligent security attorney can help determine the potential recovery in cases like these.

San Francisco Negligent Security Claims – Tourists or Residents are Both Victims

Whether you live in the city, or simply are visiting on work or vacation, victims of negligent security all have rights and the ability to file claims under California law, even if you do not reside in California. If the incident occurred in San Francisco, you can seek compensation through a legal action. In almost every situation, the claim will be filed in the Superior Court of San Francisco, so using the experienced local injury attorneys at Callaway & Wolf provide value and insight into the local claims process, judges and jury pools. It is also useful for visitors who are not local as their attorney can handle much of the process reducing the need for victims to return to city continually.

Experienced Injury Attorneys in San Francisco Since 1995

Every individual case will be regarded differently in a court of law and should thereby be considered on an individual basis by an experienced attorney. Negligent security claims are difficult to prove and it’s necessary to obtain the help and support of an experienced attorney. If you or someone you know has been injured in San Francisco due to the lack of security or bouncer assault, it’s important to obtain the guidance of an attorney who can champion for your rights. Callaway & Wolf have extensive experience regarding negligent security claims and other personal injury cases in the Bay Area. Call 415-541-0300 to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your matter.

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