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Oakland Bike Accident Attorneys

Oakland BikerThe attorneys at Callaway & Wolf are well experienced with bicycle accident cases. Proud members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Callaway & Wolf are Oakland bike accident lawyers who work tirelessly for the rights of injured bike riders. Having taken the Bike Coalition’s Urban Street Skills training course, Attorney Boone Callaway was there to help the course instructor, Bert Hill, fight for justice following a bike accident. Instructor Bert Hill took swift action and made the decision to choose attorney Boone Callaway, a decision that ultimately helped him obtain the financial compensation he needed.

Surprisingly, it is not uncommon to see many Oakland bicyclists be blamed for an accident in police reports. Through aggressive civil action, it is possible to have a successful case, even when the police officer found the client to be completely at fault for the accident. At Callaway & Wolf, the maximum available compensation is standard practice.

The following are just a couple of prior bicycle accident cases:

  • A $3.74 million dollar settlement, where the cyclist was injured by a city street sweeper. The cyclist in this case was legally intoxicated at the time of the incident, making the case extremely challenging. Additionally, the cyclist was also riding after hours, without adequate reflectors and lights, and without the use of a helmet.
  • A $322,000 financial settlement for a cyclist who suffered injuries in a “right hook” accident. The police officer who was dispatched to the scene filed a report placing the blame entirely on the bike rider.

The State of California Law Requires Motorists to Take Responsibility for Causing Bicycle Accidents

At Callaway & Wolf, there is no more important practice area than defending the rights of cyclists following accidents. Oakland has more cyclists per capita than many other cities across the nation. Still, a majority of drivers do not want to be bothered and many fail to be cautious enough when driving on the streets of the City of Oakland. Unfortunately, cyclists riding in the City of Oakland regularly deal with drivers who do not wish to share the road with them. This is in spite of California law, which states that bike riders are entitled to use a full lane when there is insufficient room to ride safely next to the vehicle. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has more information with respect to safety tips for bicycle riders and motorists.

The City of Oakland regularly sees bicycle accidents that occur as a result of a driver failing to see the rider, attempting to change lanes without first checking, or attempting to make a right turn when a cyclist is to their right. Additionally, bicycle riders in Oakland, CA are regularly injured in accidents known as “dooring”. These accidents occur when a driver has parked on the street and upon leaving the vehicle, they abruptly open the door, which is then struck by an oncoming cyclist. Under state law, (Vehicle Code 21202) drivers are required to carefully check for cyclists before opening a door to their vehicles. When there is a lack of care on behalf of drivers and this leads to and injured bike rider, drivers can be held accountable for breaking the law. Hopefully the driver has sufficient insurance to cover the claim, but if they do not, and they have assets, Callaway & Wolf will pursue the driver to pay more than the insurance limits.

Statute of Limitations for Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim

The State of California has a two-year maximum time limit to file a bicycle accident claim for injuries. Cyclists who have been injured in an accident will only have this small window of time to file the case in court or settle the case. The statute of limitations shrinks to 6 months when the responsible party is a government agency, such as the City of Oakland. Although this time period may seem considerably lengthy, an in-depth investigation of the accident may be required and we advise you to secure your claim with an experienced bicycle accident law firm ASAP.

From day one of the accident, the attorneys at Callaway & Wolf help our clients through the entire complex legal process. Our law firm prides itself in assisting clients establish a strong foundation for a successful claim.

Contact the Legal Support of a Law Firm in Oakland, CA

Exceedingly experienced in the field of personal injury lawsuits, the attorneys at Callaway & Wolf are committed to the pursuit of justice in bicycle accident cases. If you or someone you love has recently suffered serious injuries as a result of a bicycle accident in the Oakland or surrounding communities, contact the attorneys at Callaway & Wolf for a free no-obligation consultation. Contacting the law firm is made easy through an online contact form or by calling 510-603-4988. Speak to an attorney who is experienced in bicycle accident claims and committed to winning fair settlements today.

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