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Experienced Dog Bite & Animal Attack Lawyer in Oakland, CA

Angry dogAt Callaway & Wolf, a majority of animal injury cases involve dog bites. Still, there are many ways a person can be injured by an animal where the injuries result in physical and economic harm. Past successful cases that have been handled at Callaway & Wolf include a case where a canine jumped on a person and knocked the person down, ultimately causing serious injuries. Another case involved a person who was bitten by his own cat. In this particular case, the veterinarian office’s insurance paid for the cat owner’s claim, since the vet’s assistance was careless in encouraging the cat owner to hold the cat during the procedure. 

If you are in need of a dog bite attorney in Oakland, CA or if you have been the victim of a serious animal attack in surrounding communities, seek legal recourse and contact the support of the attorneys at Callaway & Wolf today for a free initial consultation. 

*PLEASE NOTE: The firm does NOT handle legal cases involving injured canines or other pets. The firm exclusively handles cases involving individuals who were injured due to dogs or other animals. Compensation for harm to animals is very limited, but if you have an animal rights issue, you can call our firm and we will try to refer you to someone who can help.

Successful Dog Bite & Injury Cases That Have Been Handled at Callaway & Wolf

  • Attacked Limo Driver was bitten by two canines that attacked him as he approached a client’s home. The attacked limo driver ultimately required antibiotics and stitches for the deep wounds and antibiotics.
  • A victim who required skin grafts and endured serious scarring on the arm following an attack by a very large Mastiff canine. The victim was at a relative’s home and had offered to put water in a bowl for the dog when the incident occurred.
  • A victim who suffered a concussion as well as a hip fracture following a hike at a local Bay Area park. The victim was knocked to the ground by a seemingly friendly dog that had ran up and jumped on the victim.
  • A woman walking her own dog near her home in the City of Oakland suffered a serious ankle fracture as a result of an off-leash dog that rushed up and attacked her pet. In an attempt to save her own pet, the woman stumbled over, which caused the complicated bone fracture.
  • An elderly victim who sustained a badly broken hip after her neighbor’s terrier caused her to fall down while she was outside her own residence in Sonoma County.

California’s Strict Liability Laws Regarding Dog Bites

The State of California has a very strict dog bite law. Unlike other states that follow the “one bite” rule, the State of California places strict liability on dog owners whose pet causes the injury of another person through a bite. Strict liability is placed on the pet owner whether the attack occurred in a private or public setting. This includes the property of the pet owner. Contingent on the facts of each unique case, it may be possible to obtain financial compensation from the pet owner or other party who kept the animal despite its vicious propensities.

While the State of California has a strict liability law for dog bite cases, the attorneys at Callaway & Wolf have handled a wide-variety of cases that involve non-bite injuries. Generally, non-bite claims involve a violation of local leash law ordinances. In other incidents, however, the attack occurred while the victim was on private property and there was no apparent provocation for the attack. The attorneys at Callaway & Wolf have successfully handled a diverse range of dog injury claims over the years. To achieve successful results, the attorneys at Callaway & Wolf do not hesitate in using animal behavior experts and other valuable resources in every case. 

Unfortunately, despite California’s strict liability law, victims often face strong rebuttal. Frequently, there are allegations made against the victim that he or she provoked the canine, or carries partial blame in contributing to the attack. Even when it is evident that the animal owner is responsible for the incident, his or her insurance company or attorney can often be aggressive in his or her defense. These parties will work hard to minimize the amount of recoverable damages and undermine the victim’s version of events. Ultimately, their tactics will force the case into an arduous litigation process, where they will avoid fair play until the case nears trial proceedings. These tactics are typical, as they are designed to avoid paying a fair compensation to victims who cannot endure the overextended legal process.  Saving money for insurance companies is the name of the game.  

While there is often no explanation for an animal attack, a majority of attacks are usually the result of negligent pet supervision. Sadly, the negligence of these pet owners usually translates to poor pet care. A case handled by the firm involved a client who sustained serious injuries to the face by a colleague’s Chow dog. It was later learned that the dog owners never bothered to walk the dog, and had even gone as far as to train the animal to use a cat litter box to avoid walking it outside. 

California’s Statute of Limitations on Animal Bite Cases

The State of California has a strict, two-year time limit to file a personal injury claim for a dog bite or animal attack claim. During this time, the case must have been settled or filed in the appropriate court. It is important to note that the statute of limitations will significantly shrink when the case is being filed against the state or a city department. It is highly recommended to seek the legal support of the qualified attorneys at Callaway & Wolf who can provide the appropriate legal guidance as soon as possible. This will ensure the formation of a strong legal case against the careless party. 

Speak to a Knowledgeable Dog Bite & Injury Attorney in Oakland, CA

The Oakland dog bite & injury attorneys at Callaway & Wolf are leading litigators in the field of animal attack cases. Our law firm has collectively received numerous recognitions for their accomplishments in the field of personal injury law. If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries following a dog bite or attack, contact the firm today at 415-541-0300. You can also contact the firm online here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. 

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