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Category Archives: Rear-end accidents and injuries


Is it an accident? Ask an Injury Attorney

By Boone Callaway |

Why all the fuss about saying “car crash” instead of “car accident”? At first this question might seem trivial. As a San Francisco accident attorney, I know it really isn’t. Whether it’s a car, bicycle, bus, trolley, or train that crashes — think about how a single word can make a huge difference in meaning. By definition, an… Read More »

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Injury lawyer Boone Callaway of Callaway & Wolf looks at California's rear-end accident laws.

Do You Know What To Do If You’re Rear-Ended In a California Car Accident?

By Boone Callaway |

California Liability Law When Rear-Ended In a Car Crash Rear-end accidents are one of the more common types of injury-causing accidents that may occur. In a rear-end accident, one vehicle hits the rear of the vehicle in front of it, often with little or no warning to the driver of the car in front…. Read More »

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The second driver in a rear-end collision is no longer automatically the sole party at fault according to a new court ruling.

Second Driver is Not Necessarily The Sole Party At Fault in Rear-End Collisions, According to Court

By Boone Callaway |

Courts Shift Standards On Fault in Auto Rear-End Collisions Trial courts in Florida will now have a new outlook for how to handle rear-end vehicle crash injury lawsuits. In resolving a pair of conflicting appellate court decisions, the state’s highest court determined that the second driver in such an accident is not necessarily the… Read More »

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