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San Francisco Accident Attorney on Dangers of After Market Motorcycle Parts

Learn more about the possible risks of after-market motorcycle parts.

Are After-Market Motorcycle Parts Dangerous and Unsafe?

Many bike riders have an emotional attachment to their motorcycles, and some even take the time to develop a customized design with all of the best motorcycle parts on the market. While most of these parts are sold in the general marketplace, after-market motorcycle parts are an alternative source which thousands of buyers use. However, a story published in the Washington Post explains how these motorcycle parts are sometimes unsafe and many have failed to meet federal safety standards.

As motorcycle injury attorneys, we’re concerned for the enthusiastic bike riders who often replace the manufacturer’s products with high performance parts to customize their bikes. Reports are demonstrating that the sleek mirrors, large carburetors, and lights and turn signals which are a largely purchased from an online business or catalogue, may not be safe. This is very disturbing news since there are already far too many deaths that involve motorcycles. According to statistics from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. declined were at 4,762 in 2009. In 2010, the number of motorcycle fatalities remained approximately the same. Previous advances in minimizing deaths have unfortunately stalled.

Unsafe Parts Linked to Motorcycle Accidents

Researchers are still unsure how many motorcycle accidents were caused in whole or part by dangerous parts. However, our experienced San Francisco injury attorneys appreciate that defective and inherently dangerous products caused injury (and even death) all the time. For example, a Texas biker broke more than 20 bones when he was thrown from his motorcycle which was built from a kit and distributed by a California-based company, Custom Chrome. The expert engineer witness in that case testified that a weld attaching the front fork to the frame had failed. Further, a former manager of the business claimed that the bike kits failed to meet federal regulations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

NHTSA and the EPA Safety Standards for Motorcycles

Vehicle and motorcycle safety are priorities of the NHTSA and the EPA. If these after-market motorcycle sales companies are violating any federal safety regulations, they should be held accountable for the harm caused by their misconduct. They have the responsibility of ensuring that these products do not pose a serious threat of harm or death to anyone when they place these products in the marketplace.

It is vital for motorcyclists to be aware of all issues that might affect their safety while on the road. Our San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys appreciate that one often-overlooked risk involves motorcycle parts.

Get Legal Help from a San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have recently suffered an accident, contact a San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney at our office to discuss your case. If the case involves defective parts, it is possible that you could recover damages in a California products liability lawsuit due to the distributor or manufacturer’s negligence.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and to learn about your legal rights, or call 415-541-0300 to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney.

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