Carl Wolf and Boone Callaway have been working together since 1993. They are both AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell; the highest rating from the best-known company that rates attorneys. Carl and Boone have a strong reputation with the major injury and malpractice insurance carriers, enabling them to settle a majority of cases quickly and favorably. They are both deeply committed to providing excellent, personal service to their clients.

Our Approach To Our Work

We have taken many cases to jury trials and arbitrations, but in most cases, we are able to accomplish an excellent settlement for our clients without submitting them to the risks, expenses, and burdens of a trial. Our professional relationships with our clients are hands-on, friendly, and personalized. We take pride in being not only excellent advocates, but also real people whom our clients can relate to and trust. We encourage our clients to call whenever they have questions. We believe that every client should choose an attorney with whom they feel comfortable, and who gives clear, intelligent answers to their questions, and prompt, personal attention throughout the case. By far, the most satisfying part of our work is delivering good results for clients, and seeing that clients are pleased with us and our work for them.

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