San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Callaway & Wolf attorney Boone Callaway rides regularly in San Francisco, and is a member of the S.F. Bicycle Coalition. San Francisco has more bicycle riders per capita than any other American city, but drivers often do not bother to look for bikes — or don’t want to give them fair use of the road to which they are entitled by California law, which permits bike riders full use of a lane whenever there is not enough room to ride safely next to a car. We stand up for our bicycle injury clients, insuring that they receive fair treatment and compensation. The California DMV has a comprehensive set of Vehicle Code Sections applicable to bike riders at

Many bike accidents occur when drivers simply don’t see a bike, and change lanes or make a right turn when a bicyclist is to their right. Bicycle riders in California are also often injured by “dooring” — when a person opens their car door without looking to see if a bike is coming. California law requires drivers to look carefully before opening their doors, and are responsible for injuries to bike riders when they break this law.

California has a two-year statute of limitations for bicycle injuries. This is the time in which your case must be settled, or filed in court. This time limit shrinks to six months if the state or a city is responsible. Even though you may have plenty of time before your time limit is up, Callaway & Wolf can help guide you through the process from day one, helping to insure that the proper groundwork is done for your claim.

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